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Goldwater to Court: Strike Down Biden’s Ban on State Tax Cuts

January 14, 2022 By Jacob Huebert President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act gives states billions for COVID-19 relief, but..

Goldwater Brief: California Governor’s COVID Overreach Should Not Stand

April 29, 2021By Timothy Sandefur A decade ago, Daryn Coleman and his wife invested their life savings into Ghost Golf,..

J&J Vaccine Decision is a (Small) Step in the Right Direction

April 23, 2021By Naomi Lopez A CDC advisory panel’s decision this afternoon to recommend lifting a pause on Johnson &..

Could Government Be Fueling the Next COVID Wave?

April 16, 2021By Naomi Lopez The COVID-19 threat is worsening in many places—and tragically, government overcaution is pouring fuel on..

Two Cheers for COVID-19 Vaccines—We Must Do Even Better

February 25, 2021By Naomi Lopez Barring any surprises, the U.S. will soon have another COVID-19 vaccine approved for use. While..

Court Puts a Hold on Pima County’s Illegal Curfew

January 20, 2021By Timothy Sandefur Pima County’s 10pm to 5am curfew violates state law and cannot be enforced, according to..

Chicago’s Mayor Flips on COVID Restaurant Closures

About an hour and a half before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Chicago police responded to a call at the..

How to Counter the Sluggish Vaccine Rollout? Turn to Pharmacies.

January 12, 2021By Naomi LopezCOVID-19 vaccines have finally been approved, but they are being administered at a frustratingly sluggish pace—at..

Goldwater Challenges Pima County’s Curfew

January 7, 2021By Timothy Sandefur The Goldwater Institute joined with a group of Pima County business owners today in a..

An Epic IRS Fail Leaves Millions of Americans Waiting for Relief

Through no fault of their own, millions of Americans have been sidelined in the COVID-19 crisis, unable to work due..

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