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Goldwater Institute, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, American Federation for Children File Supporting Brief Asking Supreme Court to Hear Case on Douglas County, Colorado School Voucher Program

Washington—Four non-profit organizations dedicated to ensuring all American children attend a school that challenges them and prepares them for the..

Appeals Court Smacks Down Justice Department in La. Voucher Case

Article by Mark Walsh for Education Week A federal appeals court has ruled that  the U.S. Department of Justice overstepped..

Goldwater Institute Wins Case to Protect School Voucher Program in Louisiana

Appeals court says federal Department of Justice can’t limit enrollment in state program based on desegregation order

Dept. of Justice Case Against Louisiana School Voucher Program Back in Court June 1

Dept. of Justice Case Against Louisiana School Voucher Program Back in Court June 1 Families appealing district court decision giving DOJ oversight of program

Parental choice means better learning outcomes

Jordan is 10 years old and lives in Arizona. He has cerebral palsy. Even after years of expensive fights with the local school system, Jordan’s parents weren’t able to meet all of his unique needs within the public schools.

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School Choice Bucket List

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. Swim to Alcatraz. Earn a scholarship to college. If you checked these off of your bucket list, you’ve had a life well-lived.

Brumfield v. Dodd

Attorney General Eric Holder argues the program runs afoul of desegregation orders, which operate in 34 Louisiana school districts. By potentially altering the racial composition of those schools by taking minority children out of failing public schools, the Justice Department asserts the program "frustrates and impedes the desegregation process." It has asked the federal court to forbid future scholarships in those districts until the state requests and receives approval in each of the 22 or more cases that might be affected. It seeks an injunction in Brumfield v. Dodd, a case filed nearly 40 years ago challenging a program that provided state funding for textbooks and transportation for private "segregation academies," to which white students were fleeing to avoid integration. Since 1975, private schools have had to demonstrate that they do not discriminate in order to participate in that program.

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