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Media Advisory: Mississippi Doctor Who Makes House Calls for the Poor Called Before State Medical Board

April 15, 2015

Dr. Landrum is the only medical doctor in the small town of Edwards, Mississippi. Although he offers house calls to provide low-cost or free general medical care to sick people who cannot otherwise afford it—sometimes traveling as far as 50 miles to see two or three patients a day—the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure demanded that Dr. Landrum stop seeing patients and surrender his medical license. When he refused, the Board began inquiring into Dr. Landrum’s practice.

“It is not clear why the Board has opened an inquiry into Dr. Landrum’s practice,” said Christina Sandefur, a senior attorney at the Goldwater Institute, the organization representing Dr. Landrum. “The Board has threatened Dr. Landrum, but has yet to provide a valid legal reason for demanding that he surrender his medical license. We want to ensure the Board gives Dr. Landrum a fair chance to address any concerns.”

Last month, the Board asked Dr. Landrum to appear at an “informal” meeting. Dr. Landrum was not given an opportunity to review the investigation file compiled by the Board beforehand. “Dr. Landrum is walking into this meeting without full knowledge of what the Board of Medical Licensure expects from him,” said Sandefur.

In February, the Goldwater Institute asked for all records, recordings, or files the Board has collected related to its investigation into Dr. Landrum and the renewal of his medical license but to date has not received those records.

More than 80,000 patients, medical professionals, community members, and supporters from around the world have signed an online petition in support of Dr. Landrum. Residents of Edwards are remodeling the town’s old Post Office at no cost to Dr. Landrum so he will have a formal office to store his records, hang his license, and potentially see patients who may be able to come into an office.

The Goldwater Institute is representing Dr. Landrum to ensure that the Board of Medical Licensure’s investigation process is transparent and that their informal meetings give doctors like Dr. Landrum a full and fair opportunity to address the Board’s concerns. Andy Taggart, a founding partner at Taggart, Rimes & Graham, is also working with the Goldwater Institute to represent Dr. Landrum.

Dr. Landrum and his attorneys will be available to answer media questions and for on-camera interviews following the meeting Wednesday. Contact Starlee Coleman at or (602) 758-9162 to schedule an interview.





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