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My University Required DEI Training. I’m Suing

June 18, 2024

Two years ago, Arizona State University, where I’ve taught philosophy and religious studies for more than two decades, began requiring all professors to take a training in “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” or DEI.

I’m in favor of each of those terms: Diversity (including intellectual diversity), equity (insofar as it means equality of opportunity), and inclusion (helping people from all backgrounds succeed at the university) are undoubtedly good things.

But when I began the mandatory training, I found something troubling: It engaged in race blaming, warning of the supposed “problem” of “whiteness” and encouraging judgement of people based on their skin color. I could not, in good conscience, continue such a racist training.

Read the rest of the op-ed at National Review

Owen Anderson is a professor of philosophy and religious studies at Arizona State University. 



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