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Constitutional Rights
Foundations of Freedom Episode 8: The Environment

Is individual freedom bad for the environment? And why are some of the dirtiest places on the planet the places..

Constitutional Rights
Iowa Becomes Latest State to Drop DEI

Taking a page out of the Goldwater Institute’s playbook, the Iowa Board of Regents has delivered a major victory for..

Week in Review: Ronald Reagan Said it Best…

Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction, Ronald Reagan once said. That’s why we’re grateful to all Americans..

Constitutional Rights
Thank You to All Americans Who Stand Firm for Freedom

This Thanksgiving, we celebrate the steadfast spirit of liberty embedded in our great nation, where freedom and individual rights are..

Constitutional Rights
Foundations of Freedom Episode 7: What Is Equality All About?

Should government limit our freedom so people can be more “equal”? And what’s the difference between inequality and injustice? In..

Constitutional Rights
Sen. Ted Cruz Hails Goldwater’s Leadership in School Choice Revolution

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has high praise for the Goldwater Institute’s work to make school choice a reality for..

Moral Corruption at Community Colleges: DEI Harms Students Everywhere

In a new report, Heritage Foundation Will Skillman Fellow in Education Jonathan Butcher, who also serves as a Senior Fellow..

Week in Review: Victory! Free Speech Vanquishes Forced Speech

You shouldn’t have to pay for speech you don’t support just to do your job. The Goldwater Institute went to..

Constitutional Rights
Arizona Restaurateur Sues Bureaucrats to Stop Illegal Power Grab

Arizona small business owner Grant Krueger was already running his restaurants on razor-thin margins before unelected bureaucrats with the state..

Constitutional Rights
It’s Time to Stop Passing the Buck—to Thieves and Forgers

If someone forged your signature to gain access to your paycheck, that would be a crime. It would be even..

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