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Week in Review: Antisemitism Is Raging on Campuses

April 26, 2024

“The 7th of October is going to be every day for you!”

“Go back to Poland.”

A Jewish student is physically attacked after displaying an Israeli flag.

You may have seen the scenes on social media or the evening news: anti-Israel student rioters occupied their college campuses while harassing, intimidating, and even assaulting their Jewish classmates—first at Columbia University in New York City, before the protests spread like wildfire across the rest of the nation.

Here’s what the evening news won’t tell you: these despicable scenes are only the symptom of a discriminatory dogma, “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI), that’s spread like wildfire in higher education. In the upside-down world of DEI, Jews become “oppressors” because of their alleged proximity to “whiteness,” while Israel must be “decolonized” by any means necessary.

The good news is, the Goldwater Institute is spearheading the nationwide charge to dismantle DEI—and we’re winning. In fact, Goldwater has already ended discriminatory practices in higher education in more than 10 states—including the nation’s most powerful reform to completely defeat DEI in Texas.

Students deserve to learn in peace without being targeted for their ethnicity or religion. We won’t stop until that’s the reality in all 50 states.

Read more here.

Desperate Patients Find New Hope in Mississippi 

Antiquated federal regulations forced the Riley family to move to Italy to save their baby daughter Keira’s life after she was diagnosed with a fatal brain disease.

But with the Goldwater Institute enacting its landmark Right for Individualized Treatments reform this week in Mississippi, patients there can access the cutting-edge, personalized care they need right here at home, without begging the government for permission.

Goldwater’s original Right to Try law, which Goldwater passed in 41 states and then federally to protect terminally ill patients’ right to access investigational treatments, is already saving countless lives. But today’s latest innovations in medicine are tailor-made for an individual patient, and by definition cannot go through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s outdated regulatory processes in a timely manner. That’s why this Right to Try expansion is the natural next step.

The urgently needed reform is now law in three states: Arizona, Nevada, and Mississippi. And just like we did with the original Right to Try, Goldwater intends to take it nationwide, enacting this reform in state after state, from coast to coast, and making it the law of the land.

Read more here.

How the Courts Made the Homeless Crisis Worse

It’s not a matter of partisan politics, Goldwater’s Timothy Sandefur writes in the Wall Street Journal, but rather a question of law and common sense.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard an important homelessness case this week, and media outlets ranging from the Journal to the New York Times, ABC News, and the Washington Examiner leaned on Goldwater’s expertise to explain the case’s national implications.

Liberal leaders—especially in Phoenix—have erroneously blamed a pair of Ninth Circuit appeals court rulings for their failure to enforce the law amid rampant homelessness. (Goldwater filed a brief urging the high court to overturn those rulings.)

“Leaving people indefinitely in tents on the streets violates logic, law, and the principles of compassion—not only for the homeless themselves, who endure dehumanizing and dangerous conditions,” Sandefur adds, “but also for taxpayers and business owners whose property is being destroyed by vandals and trespassers.”

An Arizona judge already sided with the Goldwater Institute in ruling that Phoenix leaders must clean up a massive open-air homeless encampment called “The Zone.” Now the Supreme Court should act—and help Americans to take back our cities.

Read Sandefur’s Wall Street Journal op-ed here.  



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