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Week in Review: Bureaucracy Run Amok v. Blueprint for Prosperity

April 22, 2023

Want to earn an honest living and provide for your family? The government demands you beg for permission first. But the Goldwater Institute is showing the nation how to beat the Administrative State and its army of bureaucrats who control nearly every aspect of American life.

Just this past week in Arizona, Goldwater passed our landmark Permit Freedom reform, protecting Arizonans’ right to use their property the way they see fit. Goldwater also urged the Phoenix City Council to repeal its illegal “prevailing wage” ordinance, whose burdensome regulations would have hurt small businesses, their employees, and all taxpayers—and the city council ditched the mandate less than a week later.

In fact, Goldwater has sparked a national movement to free workers to pursue their American Dream. We’ve passed our Breaking Down Barriers to Work reform in nearly half of U.S. states, streamlining the process for countless experienced professionals to get to work when they move to a new state. And our work doesn’t stop there. From safeguarding the right to earn a living to ending automatic judicial deference to administrative agencies, Goldwater is dedicated to defending Americans’ economic freedom from burdensome, counterproductive regulations.

Read about Goldwater’s blueprint for confronting the Administrative State here

The End of ‘The Zone’?

Does a crucial court ruling ordering the city of Phoenix to clean up its homeless “Zone” mean violent crime, death, and destruction will finally give way to law, order, and peace?

“We’ve been put on the back burner for a long, long time,” Mike Godbehere, whose property is regularly trashed by the homeless, says in an exclusive new Goldwater Institute video highlighting the devastating impact of the city’s refusal to enforce the law in The Zone. “Hopefully [the ruling] means that we can have our neighborhood back.”

“Requiring results of the city could mean The Zone may cease to exist in the near future,” adds a new investigative report commissioned by the Goldwater Institute, referring to the ruling in favor of fed-up business and property owners who sued the city for failing to protect their rights. As Goldwater explained in a friend-of-the-court brief in support of the lawsuit, city officials have even shunted masses of homeless people into the open-air encampment. But now, the court made it clear: the city must act to solve the homeless crisis it created.

Read about Goldwater’s work to investigate Phoenix’s homelessness crisis and demand action here

RSVP Today & Bring the Family! A Is for the American Dream

You’re invited: The Goldwater Institute is hosting a free event Thursday in Gilbert, Arizona, to celebrate the launch of our new children’s book, A Is for the American Dream! Join us, and grab a free copy of the book!

Across the country, activist educators are indoctrinating children with leftist lies about “privilege” and “victimhood.” But A Is for the American Dream teaches children that America is a land of opportunity, where anyone can succeed, no matter their beginnings. Through colorful illustrations and inspiring words, it introduces young readers to our nation’s rich history and instills a renewed appreciation for our constitutional republic.

We’re excited to invite you and your children or grandchildren to join us Thursday, April 27, at 11:00 am as we launch this new book for kids across the country to enjoy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A full reading by book author Matt Beienburg, Director of Education Policy at the Goldwater Institute.
  • A discussion about the critical need for this book today, featuring national education innovator Kali Fontanilla, 2022 recipient of Goldwater’s Freedom Award, and Phoenix parent and Arizona Women founder Hannah Woodruff.
  • Free drinks and snacks.

RSVP here by Monday, April 24!



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