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Week in Review: Dr. Phil, Racism, and Our Kids

May 13, 2023

Former California teacher and 2022 Goldwater Institute Freedom Award winner Kali Fontanilla went on the popular TV show Dr. Phil to confirm parents’ worst fears about the racist lessons public schools are pushing on their kids. “I’m here to tell the American people that” Critical Race Theory (CRT) is “being taught to the students,” said Kali, who exposed CRT in California schools last year in an exclusive Goldwater Institute video.

Leftists and their allies in the mainstream media are peddling the myth that CRT is “only taught in universities.” But CRT is indeed “being taught in K-12,” Dr. Phil said, referring to the toxic ideology that tells children the only way to atone for “systemic racism” is to treat people differently based on skin color.

Families deserve better than radical racial politics. That’s why Kali is urging parents to support Goldwater’s policy solution: a landmark Academic Transparency reform that shines a light on school curricula by requiring public schools to post their learning materials online. Goldwater is also promoting our reform to end CRT-based racial discrimination in public education in states across the country, and our new children’s book A Is for the American Dream shows kids that the American Dream is for everyone.

With the help of bold advocates like Kali, we’re going to win the fight for America’s future.

Watch Kali’s Dr. Phil interview here

Arizona Pets Just Got Great News

Arizona faces a problem shared by every state: lack of access to veterinary care for a growing pet population. But the Goldwater Institute just enacted, with overwhelming bipartisan support, a legislative solution that other states can replicate: a landmark veterinary telemedicine law that allows pet owners to access high-quality virtual care from home.

“Veterinary care shortages plague cities, suburbs, and rural pockets of Arizona, so the state turned to a solution from human healthcare: telemedicine, which allows pet owners to see a medical professional using a computer, smartphone, or landline,” Animal Policy Group Founder and CEO Mark Cushing writes at In Defense of Liberty. Specifically, the new law removes Arizona’s prohibition on pet owners starting a relationship with a veterinarian through a virtual visit, making it easier for Arizonans to access care for their pets and for veterinarians to more freely practice their profession without needless red tape.

Goldwater already enacted the nation’s most comprehensive telehealth reform for humans, and it’s helping countless Arizonans get the virtual care they need from the comfort of their own home. “Human medicine has shown the way, and now Arizona pet owners will be able to enjoy the same convenience,” Cushing adds. “The door is now open for more states to follow Arizona’s lead.”

Read more at In Defense of Liberty.

Goldwater Urges Congress to End Government Theft

Did you know the government can steal your property even if you haven’t done anything wrong? It’s legal under a law called civil asset forfeiture, so this week the Goldwater Institute urged Congress to end government theft.

The federal civil forfeiture system allows the government to take, keep, and profit from someone’s property without convicting them of or even charging them with a crime. That’s why Goldwater joined a coalition of organizations in sending a letter to congressional lawmakers this month calling on them to pass the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act (FAIR Act). Among other provisions, the FAIR Act ensures property owners get their day in court and requires the federal government to prove by clear and convincing evidence that the property is related to a crime.

The Goldwater Institute is a national leader in fighting government theft. We’ve won numerous innocent Americans their property back after the government unjustly seized it—thanks to our extensive American Freedom Network of pro bono attorneys in all 50 states. Our victories have made national headlines, and one of our client success stories was featured in testimony before the U.S. Congress. And Goldwater is successfully advocating for and passing common-sense reforms, like requiring the government to obtain a criminal conviction before seizing property.

It’s an unjust system. But Goldwater is helping innocent Americans beat it.

Read more at In Defense of Liberty



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