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Week in Review: How to Really Look Out for American Workers

September 5, 2020

Since it was established as a federal holiday more than a century ago, Labor Day has been a day to celebrate the ways in which American workers have made our nation’s success possible. But one crucial way to pay tribute to America’s workers is to pass laws that really look out for them—ones that free them to work in the professions they choose, without unnecessary government involvement.

The road for American workers in 2020 has been a bumpy one, with cut hours, furloughs, and job losses all too common. In the face of such challenges, it’s especially important to make it as easy as possible for Americans to get to work. That’s what the Goldwater Institute-designed Breaking Down Barriers to Work law is all about—cutting the red tape that ties many workers’ hands.

Under the law, a new resident of a state is eligible to receive a license to practice their profession, so long as the applicant has held a license in good standing for at least one year and was required to complete testing or training requirements in the initiating state. In short, a worker doesn’t have to jump through hoops just to continue a career they were already doing safely and productively elsewhere.

Breaking Down Barriers to Work is already making a positive difference for American workers in many states. And as the Goldwater Institute’s Heather Curry and Dr. Jameson Taylor of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy write this week at The Center Square, some states’ Breaking Down Barriers to Work laws are helping to attract new residents who want to get to work. Put simply, these laws that helping to ensure Americans are free to work, no matter where they live.

Parents Need to Have Flexible Learning Opinions

As summer comes to a close, students are returning to classes—but for this school year, “going back to class” may not mean going to a physical classroom, but rather to a Zoom room. No matter what school looks like for students across the country, there’s no doubt that that this year’s back-to-school experience is not what students and their families are used to—and this “new normal” demands that we provide flexible learning options to help meet students’ unique needs.

Earlier this week, Goldwater Institute Director of Education Policy Matt Beienburg joined KJZZ’s “The Show” to talk about the importance of flexibility in the learning experience as students return to their studies—and some lessons that can be taken from the world of higher education. You can listen to the full interview with Beienburg here.

Putting Politics on Pause

With just two months to go before a hotly contested election, politics seems to be everywhere. And too often, its influence is pretty toxic—hurting friendships and turning loved ones against each other. While political discussions are important in helping to shape our country’s future, wouldn’t it be nice to push the pause button on politics for a little while?

That’s the idea behind FreedomWorks’ Pause Politics campaign: While politics can divide us, we are a United State of Americans. And they’re encouraging Americans to celebrate each other this week. If you’d like to take part in the celebration, share your photo of how you’re celebrating our country and its people on social media with #pausepolitics and #celebrateamericans. And to learn more about the Pause Politics effort, visit

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