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Week in Review: How to Take Back Our Cities

September 22, 2023

Violent crime going unchecked. Law and order giving way to death and destruction. The same story is playing out in once-beautiful cities nationwide as progressive leaders downright refuse to address rampant homelessness by enforcing the law.

But in Phoenix’s homeless “Zone,” a sprawling, city-operated open-air homeless encampment where lives are being ruined, a judge just drew a line in the sand. The tide is turning—and the Goldwater Institute is playing a crucial role in showing the nation how to take back our cities.


This week, an Arizona judge sided with local business owners and the Goldwater Institute, declaring “The Zone” an illegal public nuisance and ordering the city to clean it up by November 4. The judge drew particular attention to the biohazard created by environmental pollution in The Zone—the subject of a brief filed by the Goldwater Institute in support of business and property owners who sued the city for failing to enforce the law. The ruling, which comes just months after Goldwater published a series of investigative reports exposing the tragic consequences of the city’s inaction, is a vindication of those law-abiding Phoenicians’ rights. And it shows America that citizens can force action on homelessness—the law is on our side.

Read more here, and find out more about Goldwater’s work on homelessness in Phoenix here.  

This University’s DEI Regime Is Even Worse Than You Could Imagine

A government-run college illegally training professors on how white supremacy is “normalized in society” today? A top journalism school becoming a breeding ground for progressive activists?

It’s all happening at Arizona State University (ASU). Now the Goldwater Institute is stepping in to expose ASU’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) regime and demand that the school comply with the law.

ASU faculty and staff are required to take a DEI training that teaches them about topics like “critique[ing] whiteness” and “white fragility”—in violation of a state law that prohibits taxpayer-funded discrimination. At the same time, ASU is also requiring every student in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism to take a DEI course.

Around the country, a cancerous web of taxpayer-funded, racially discriminatory initiatives are similarly seeping into every aspect of university life, from faculty hiring to faculty training to classroom indoctrination. But Goldwater is dismantling DEI, one win at a time. Already this year in Arizona and Florida, we ended the left’s use of mandatory “diversity statements” to enforce ideological conformity among faculty job applicants. And in Texas, Goldwater enacted the nation’s most powerful reform to completely defund the bloated apparatus of DEI administrators in public higher education.

DEI required? Not on Goldwater’s watch.

Read what we’re doing about it here

We’re Going Back to the AZ Supreme Court

The Goldwater Institute is heading back to the Arizona Supreme Court to protect taxpayers’ rights!

The state Supreme Court is taking up Goldwater’s lawsuit against unconstitutional, taxpayer-funded government subsidies to private businesses. The case—which involves the city of Scottsdale’s decision to lease out swimming lanes in government-owned pools at below-market rates to a private business favored by city politicians—will mark the eleventh time the Institute has argued before the state’s highest court.


Goldwater’s lawsuit against the city argues that the state Constitution’s Gift Clause prohibits the kind of special-interest benefit that the city gave out in this case. Such subsidies aren’t just unconstitutional; they’re also a terrible idea, typically resulting in a massive waste of taxpayer resources, because the businesses only have to satisfy politicians, not customers.

But the Goldwater Institute has shown the nation time and again how to beat these government giveaways. In 2021, we won a massive victory for taxpayers’ rights when the Arizona Supreme Court reinforced the state constitution’s ban on taxpayer-funded freebies, and last year, we struck the final nail in the coffin of Pima County’s $15 million subsidy for a space balloon tourism company. We’ll keep challenging illegal subsidies—and providing America a blueprint for how to win.

Read more here



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