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Week in Review: Love Your Enemies

February 3, 2019

February 3, 2019

What’s the biggest problem in America today? To American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks, it’s how we treat each other. But there’s a solution—and we can all work to make it happen. 

Last week, Brooks spoke at a Goldwater Institute event about that solution. And in an interview with the Institute, he made a special call-to-action for those who care about the future of our country:

“We can’t let up. We have to support the Goldwater Institute. We have to support it with our time, and our talent, and our treasure. If we do that, then we’ll be voting for a better America and basically taking our values, and our careers, and our resources and saying ‘I dedicate these things to making a better America in my name and for the good of my kids and grandkids.’ If people really want a better America, support the Goldwater Institute. You’re serving your country.”

Watch our interview with Brooks and read more on our In Defense of Liberty blog.

Homeowners in Hawaii Face New Threat—From Government

Kilauea’s eruption on the island of Hawai‘i made 2018 a tough year for local businesses. Now a new anti-home-sharing law is threatening to hamper recovery in the town of Volcano, where tourism is the backbone of the economy.

Beginning April 1, homeowners won’t be allowed to offer their homes as short-term rentals unless their properties fall within designated “resort zones”—and they can face tens of thousands of dollars in fines for violating that law.

Read more about it from Goldwater executive vice president Christina Sandefur.

Court Rule Penalizes Taxpayers who Lose Public-Interest Lawsuits

Ever since the NAACP’s victorious courtroom campaign against segregated schools, public-interest litigation has been a respected method of addressing social and political wrongs. 

But thanks to a harsh, hastily written rule imposed by the Arizona Supreme Court, citizens who ask judges to decide such public-interest lawsuits face the risk of crippling monetary penalties that unfairly punish them for exercising their legal rights.

Read more about it from Goldwater vice president for litigation Timothy Sandefur.



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