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Week in Review: New Poll Shoots Down Leftist Talking Points on Parents’ Rights

February 12, 2022

Americans agree: Parents—not government bureaucrats—should have a strong say in what their kids are learning in school.

That’s the main takeaway from a new poll, which reveals left-wing activists are radically out of touch when it comes to classroom content. The data is clear: Americans overwhelmingly agree that “parents” are the most appropriate group to influence conversations with their children about critical issues like race and sex. “These polling results directly refute the claims that we’re hearing from activists and academics, like the ACLU or Nikole Hannah-Jones—who have suggested that essentially parents ought to butt out of the process and leave it to the so-called professionals,” Goldwater Director of Education Policy Matt Beienburg tells the Daily Wire.

Meanwhile, the liberal media is misrepresenting parents’ demands to know what is happening in the classroom. An Arizona Republic article falsely frames the Goldwater-backed national movement to protect parents’ right to know what their children are learning as a misguided push to add more weight to teachers’ workloads. And a Vox article on “book banning” incorrectly claims Goldwater is pushing for censorship in public schools, even as it acknowledges that Goldwater’s “influential” academic transparency model “merely require[s] schools to post their readings on publicly accessible websites.”

Yet it’s clear that Americans believe parents should be empowered to influence what their kids are learning when it comes to race and sex. It’s time lawmakers took note and stood up for parents’ rights.

Read more about the new polling results at In Defense of Liberty.

Regulation Always Comes at a Cost to Someone

Government-imposed land-use restrictions often wipe out the value of residents’ property—leaving them with virtually worthless land and no way to get justice. Reform is needed, Goldwater Executive Vice President Christina Sandefur told members of the Colorado Senate’s State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee as she testified Tuesday in favor of Goldwater’s Property Ownership Fairness Act.

Colorado lawmakers should “fix existing law, because existing law makes it impossible for local government to understand the true costs of regulation,” she said, pointing out that “regulation always comes at a cost to someone.”

The Property Ownership Fairness Act would solve that by requiring government to pay owners when its regulations take away their property rights and reduce their property values without actually ensuring public health and safety.

Read more at In Defense of Liberty.

ICYMI: Watch Our Special Event – The Secret Strategy to Transform America

There’s a disturbing trend in America. Children are being taught radical, racist politics. Public schools and universities are discriminating against students and staff on the basis of their race. American history is being redefined, Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Mike Gonzalez and Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Butcher discussed Thursday during a special virtual event hosted by the Institute.

“The organizing principles of society are being dismantled before our eyes,” Gonzalez said.

In fact, proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT)—a toxic ideology that insists this nation was built on racism and demands that all the events and ideas around us be explain in terms of racial identities—seek to identify traditional values and claim they are part of an inherently racist system.

“This is a feature of Critical Race Theory,” not a bug, Butcher explained.

You can watch the full webinar by clicking here.




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