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Week in Review: 'Our Schools Are Being Turned Into Indoctrination Camps'

February 5, 2022

February 5, 2022

Critical Race Theory (CRT) apologists insist this toxic dogma is not being taught to children in K-12 public schools. The truth tells a different story, as former California high school English teacher Kali Fontanilla reveals in an exclusive new Goldwater Institute video and investigative report.

Kali was curious when she noticed many of her students were failing one of their other subjects—a mandatory ethnic studies class. Then she looked at the class lesson plan and learning materials, and what Kali saw shocked her.

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“We hear about Critical Race Theory in our schools, well here it is right in front of you, and almost every single lesson had some sort of element of Critical Race Theory,” Kali says. The ethnic studies teacher had students “learn about the four I’s of oppression,” Kali said, and the class syllabus described how children would “rank” their respective identities using colored strings to create “intersectional rainbows.”

Kali aptly summed up what’s going on in an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News: “Our schools have turned into indoctrination camps.”

You can watch Kali tell her story in Goldwater’s exclusive new video here, and you can read more on our blog.

Right to Try 2.0 ‘Would Save So Many Lives’

It’s bureaucracy at its worst—Food and Drug Administration (FDA) red tape forces terminally ill Americans like 2-year-old Keira Riley to wait years to access personalized treatments that could help improve or even save their lives. Keira has been fighting a rare, terminal illness called metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) since she was 5 months old, and while she’s eligible for a cutting-edge gene therapy, FDA regulations prohibited her from getting it in the U.S.

Instead, her family needed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars so she could be treated in Italy, Keira’s mom, Kendra, told Arizona lawmakers this week. Kendra testified about why the Goldwater Institute’s Right to Try for Individualized Treatments (Right to Try 2.0) is so critical for children like her daughter.

The Goldwater Institute’s original Right to Try law is already saving lives by allowing patients to access medications that have not been fully approved by the FDA. Right to Try 2.0, which is being considered in state legislatures around the country, is a new measure that is necessary to protect patients’ right to try to save their own lives by accessing personalized treatments like gene therapy that are uniquely tailored to an individual. Without the new law, these kinds of treatments are inaccessible because of the FDA’s out-of-date clinical trial process. “Having this bill in place would save so many lives,” Kendra said before the committee passed the measure.

Read more about her family’s story and the need for Right to Try 2.0 here.

‘Our Children’s Education Is Not a Game’

“Our children’s education is not a game. We just want to know what is being taught,” says Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas, who was bullied, harassed, and sued by the public education establishment for asking what her daughter would be learning in kindergarten.

Flanked by fellow concerned parents as she testified before the Arizona Senate Education Committee, Solas summed up what’s at stake as parents demand accountability from public schools. But there’s a simple solution, Solas said: academic transparency. Goldwater’s Academic Transparency Act (Arizona Senate Bill 1211), which passed the Education Committee on Tuesday, requires public schools to publish a list of instructional materials and activities used during the academic year on a publicly accessible portion of their website. This reform, which has also been proposed in state legislatures nationwide, protects parents’ rights by bringing true academic transparency to public schools, while also helping teachers see what other great educators are doing.

“No parent should be afraid that they’re going to be publicly attacked and sued just to know what their kids are learning in school,” Solas told lawmakers.

Watch Solas’ full testimony here.

Special Event: How to Stop the Progressive Scheme to Radically Transform America

Racist politics in our schools. Discrimination based on skin color. American history redefined.

The left wants to use CRT to remake America in its own image. But we won’t let that happen. Join the Goldwater Institute for a free virtual event on February 10 at 1 PM MST/3 PM EST as Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Mike Gonzalez and Goldwater Senior Fellow Jonathan Butcher expose the progressive scheme to upend American values and reveal how we can stop it.

Sign up to attend here.




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