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Week in Review: Stop Unionizing Private Citizens

January 19, 2019

January 19, 2019

Would you like a union to speak on your behalf without your permission? That’s exactly what’s happening in Minnesota, where eight parents—all of whom are private citizens—are being forced to associate with a union because they receive government money to help offset the cost of the around-the-clock, at-home personal care they give to their severely disabled children.
The Goldwater Institute is asking the Supreme Court to hear the Minnesota parents’ case in Bierman v. Dayton, and to protect individuals’ First Amendment right not to associate with a union, as well as to stop unions from using government to serve their own interests, rather than the public interest. Goldwater Institute senior attorney Jacob Huebert explains more in a new article on our In Defense of Liberty blog. You can read it here.

When Protecting the Building May Mean Killing the Business

With 18 miles of books and more than nine decades in business, the Strand Book Store has been a New York City institution. But could a “bureaucratic noose” of government red tape put an end to this piece of New York history?
None other than the Strand’s owner says “yes.” Read more about the story here from Goldwater Institute deputy director of communications Jennifer Tiedemann.

Defending the Right to Earn a Living in Arizona

When someone moves to a new state, unnecessary and cumbersome occupational licensing laws can restrict his or her right to practice their profession of choice and prevent them from moving up the economic ladder. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey wants to break down the regulatory barriers to people’s right to earn an honest living, as he announced in his State of the State address this week.
“One hundred thousand people will move here this year. There’s a job available for every single one of them,” Ducey said. “Lots of people are trained and certified in other states. Standing in their way of earning a living in Arizona — our own licensing boards and their cronies who tell them, ‘You can’t work here. You haven’t paid the piper.’ Let’s stop this foolishness.”

The Goldwater Institute supports Governor Ducey’s push to protect the right to earn a living. Read more about it here.



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