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Week in Review: The Bully Backed Down—for Now

August 28, 2021

Sometimes, all you have to do to get a bully to back down is to let them know you’re ready to fight. That’s exactly what happened in Rhode Island this week, when the state affiliate of the National Education Association withdrew its baseless attempt to harass and intimidate stay-at-home mom Nicole Solas, who merely asked the question, “What will my daughter be learning in kindergarten?”

The Goldwater Institute’s team of attorneys in its Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation are representing Nicole in her fight, and we’re proud to report to you this early victory in our effort to ensure that parents know exactly what is being taught in the classroom, especially when it comes to controversial material like Critical Race Theory that pervert children’s view of the American Dream.

But this is just the beginning. Nicole has still yet to receive answers from her school district, which is continuing to stonewall in the face of legitimate questions about its curriculum. Our attorneys are preparing their legal strategy to help Nicole uncover the truth, and we are working across the country to shine a light on what’s being taught in America’s schools. You can read more about Nicole’s story here.

Hazards on the Horizon. Goldwater Gets to Work.

Small business owners who made it through last year’s economic shutdown are fearing yet another series of threats looming on the horizon—higher gas prices, increased regulations, and trillions of dollars in new spending from Washington that will ultimately lead to job-killing tax burdens.

In Arizona, small business owners face yet another hazard: Big-tax advocates are conspiring to take down a new tax reform that protects the state’s entrepreneurs from out-of-control taxation. But this week, the Goldwater Institute filed papers on behalf of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club to defend the constitutionality of that reform. Click here to read more about the case from Goldwater Vice President for Litigation Timothy Sandefur.

Secret Gifts at Taxpayers’ Expenseand What We Can Do about It

It’s a simmering secret across the country: Local governments hand over hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded incentives to mega-companies like Facebook and Amazon to set up shop in their communities, all for the promise of job creation. A new report from Forbes reveals that since 2015, governments have handed over at least $811 million in tax abatements for anonymous data center projects that resulted in a mere 837 jobs—that’s almost $1 million for every permanent job created.

State constitutions have provisions known as “gift clauses” to block these sweetheart deals. But you know that saying about how a tree that falls in the woods makes no sound if no one is there to hear it? Gift clauses are the same: They’re meaningless unless someone is there to enforce them. That’s where the Goldwater Institute comes in.

This week, the Goldwater Institute filed a brief with the Arizona Court of Appeals to challenge the constitutionality of Pima County’s multi-million dollar handout to World View, a company that planned to take well-heeled tourists on expensive rides to the stratosphere in specially modified weather balloons. To date, the company hasn’t taken off, the promised economic benefit to the county has not materialized, and taxpayers are stuck with the bill. Read more about the case here and how Goldwater is holding bureaucrats accountable.

Join Us for Goldwater’s Annual Dinner!

The Goldwater Institute is pleased to announce Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the keynote speaker for our 2021 Annual Dinner.

Since he took office in 2019, Governor DeSantis has been one of the nation’s most popular governors. He has been widely praised for his leadership in Florida’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, setting the standard for the nation’s recovery.

We hope you can join us Friday, November 5, at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia, for Arizona’s premier liberty event. To learn more and to purchase tickets, click here.



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