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Goldwater's Know Your 2022 Arizona Ballot

September 16, 2022

The Goldwater Institute has taken a position on the following measures that will be on the ballot for Arizona voters in 2022. The Goldwater Institute is supporting Proposition 128, Proposition 129, Proposition 132, and Proposition 309; and opposing Proposition 209, Proposition 211, and Proposition 310.

Vote Yes

Prop 128:  Most of the destructive initiatives that have appeared on Arizona ballots over the past few election cycles have been developed and funded by out-of-state special interests.  As such, they are often poorly vetted and legally questionable. This occurred in 2020 when a leftwing entity from Portland bankrolled the massive Prop 208 tax increase. Prop 128 helps address this problem by giving the Arizona Legislature the latitude to amend ballot measures that the courts determine contain unconstitutional or illegal language. Vote Yes on Prop 128.

Prop 129: The Arizona Constitution prohibits the Legislature from crafting bills that pertain to multiple, unrelated subjects.  Unfortunately, ballot measures are immune from this requirement, and out-of-state special interests have exploited this loophole by placing multi-subject issues into a single initiative in an effort to mislead voters.  Prop 129 stops this practice by ensuring that ballot measures apply to only a single subject, thereby preventing radical “wish lists” from becoming law. Vote YES on Prop 129.

Prop 132: The burden for increasing taxes on hardworking Arizonans should always be high. Prop 132 would require a 60 percent affirmative vote for any ballot measure seeking to increase taxes. This puts proposed ballot tax increases in line with legislative tax increases, which already require a two-thirds majority in order to be implemented. Vote Yes on Prop 132, and learn more at 

Prop 309: Although ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona, it is very difficult to enforce the prohibition against it.  The Arizonans for Voter ID Act addresses this issue by requiring voter ID for all forms of voting, be it in-person or by mail. This makes the illegal practice of harvesting ballots nearly impossible. Vote Yes on Prop 309.


Vote No

Prop 209: The deceptively titled Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act is yet another destructive measure funded by a California union.  This measure would severely inhibit ALL lenders from collecting on both secured debts and judgments. If passed, Prop 209 would shift the burden of these unpaid debts to other borrowers and discourage businesses from issuing credit to Arizonans for items such as appliances and vehicles. Vote No on Prop 209.

Prop 211:  This constitutionally dubious measure is a full-frontal assault on free speech.  It would force free-market and other private organizations that speak out on issues to publicly disclose all their donors.  Prop 211 is a blatant attempt to intimidate citizens from giving to organizations that challenge big government ideologies. Vote No on Prop 211.

Prop 310:  At a time of record inflation and gas prices, increasing taxes on Arizonans is a recipe for disaster.   Prop 310 imposes a $200 million sales tax increase on Arizonans to fund fire districts, despite the fact that the state and municipalities are sitting on massive budget surpluses that could easily be used to fund additional fire services. Vote No on Prop 310.



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