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NEW ARIZONA POLL: Majority Say America on Wrong Track; Trust Free Market over Tech Regulation

October 6, 2022

65% of Arizonans prioritize policymaking to ensure privacy and data security over those dealing with content moderation or antitrust

PHOENIX – A new poll reveals that Arizonans overwhelmingly believe America is headed in the wrong direction, that inflation and the economy are the most important issues confronting the nation, and that when it comes to technology companies, Congress should keep its hands off and not pass laws that pick winners and losers.

The poll, released by the Goldwater Institute, comes as Arizona enjoys incredible economic growth thanks to state government policies that have cut taxes, eliminated needless regulations, and allowed entrepreneurs to thrive.

“Arizonans have seen firsthand how government restraint has led to better jobs and a stronger economy in their state,” said Victor Riches, President and CEO of the Goldwater Institute. “It’s not surprising that they would want Congress to learn from these lessons as the country is being slammed with high inflation and economic uncertainty. It’s time for Congress to end its crusade against America’s innovators and give them the freedom to succeed, just as we have done in Arizona.”

In addition to revealing that two in three Arizonans believe that the United States is on the wrong track and that the economy/inflation are the top issues facing the country, the poll gave insight into what’s most important to Arizona voters when it comes to technology companies, including how they do business. Some key findings include:

  1. 67% believe America is on the wrong track, only 22% believe it’s headed in the right direction, and 11% are unsure. And of those polled, 28% name the economy and/or inflation as the biggest issue facing the country.
  2. 56% believe it is inappropriate for Congress to pass a law that might give a certain regulatory competitive advantage to one type of company over another that operates within the same industry.
  3. When it comes to technology companies and online services, 65% of voters believe it’s a greater priority to focus on privacy and data security online over content moderation (23%) and passing antitrust laws (4%)
  4. 71% believe technology companies should moderate content that appears on their platforms for violent threats, public disclosure of personal/private information, and harassment.
  5. 52% believe Congress should not pass laws that would prohibit technology companies from treating any one company using their platform differently than any other.

The statewide survey of 575 registered voters in Arizona was conducted via online sample by Sherpa Public Affairs from September 15 to September 23, 2022, and has a credibility interval of +4.09%



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