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Imagine a mother getting ready to send her daughter to kindergarten. She asks the school for information about the curriculum..

The Goldwater Institute has struck a death blow against political litmus tests in public universities in five states this year...

Famed philosopher and author G.K. Chesterton once wrote that “America is the only country ever founded on a creed.” Visiting a classroom..

This Thanksgiving, we celebrate the steadfast spirit of liberty embedded in our great nation, where freedom and individual rights are..

Our freedoms are worth defending—after all, our nation’s promise of liberty for all has empowered millions of Americans across countless..

Educational freedom is a cornerstone of a thriving society, enabling individuals to explore diverse viewpoints and contribute to the marketplace..

We are facing a crisis in our education system. According to a recent study, most Americans lack a basic understanding..

It’s an unequivocable victory for college students, faculty, and the constitutions of Arizona and the United States: Arizona’s public universities..

Will the last diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrat to leave their office on campus please turn out the lights? On..

The Goldwater Institute just struck a death blow against the use of political litmus tests in Arizona’s public universities, as..

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