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Week in Review: Touchdown! Goldwater Wins Super Bowl Battle

February 4, 2023

Tampa. Indianapolis. Atlanta. Each of those cities prioritized the National Football League’s (NFL) interests over its own citizens’ rights. But this week, a line has been drawn in the sand thanks to the Goldwater Institute. On Thursday, a court struck down the city of Phoenix’s attempt to violate downtown residents’ free speech rights and unconstitutionally delegate its power to the NFL.

As Phoenix prepared to host Super Bowl festivities, the city forced residents and businesses in almost all of the downtown area to beg the NFL and the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee for permission to put up signs on their own property. The mandate, meant to protect the NFL and its sponsors from competing advertisers, applied to all temporary signage, whether it was a small business’ sign advertising a sale or a resident’s banner in support of a social or political cause.

After Goldwater sued, a court this week ruled against the city’s attempt to let the NFL censor its own citizens. This victory serves as a warning to the city of Phoenix and to all governments that cook up similar censorship schemes: the Goldwater Institute stands ready to defend Americans’ constitutional rights when the government tries to suppress free expression.

Read more at In Defense of Liberty

DEI Required…to Study Electrons?

What does “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) have to do with studying ultra-bright nano-structured photoemission electron sources?

Everything, according to DEI bureaucrats at Arizona State University, where physics PhDs applying for a postdoctoral research scholar position in this highly technical area were told to detail their commitment to “diversity and inclusion.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg: according to the Goldwater Institute’s report on “The New Loyalty Oaths,” such “diversity statements” are now mandatory in up to 80% of faculty job postings at Arizona’s taxpayer-funded public universities. And progressives are using these requirements as a political litmus test to enforce rigid conformity to leftist concepts of oppression and intersectionality.

Northern Arizona University’s DEI instructions in particular are chock full of progressive buzzwords, explicitly calling on applicants to share “your understanding/articulation of the role played by intersectional personal identities in developing concrete [diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice] actions and impacts.” As Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Butcher told Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM: “It’s baked into the systems…and it’s weeding out the idea of pursuing truth and establishing your own opinions around the issues of what is most vital in public policy and in society and culture today.“

Read Goldwater’s full report here

RSVP Today: 3 Women Who Sparked a Revolution

The Goldwater Institute is hosting an event with Vice President for Legal Affairs Timothy Sandefur on February 16 in Phoenix to celebrate his new book, Freedom’s Furies, and you’re cordially invited!

In 1943, three remarkable women released books that helped to preserve and advance the cause of individualism at a time when that idea was under attack as never before. These women—Isabel Paterson, the self-educated newspaper columnist who had risen to become one of the nation’s most important literary intellectuals; Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder and secret co-author of the Little House on the Prairie novels; and Ayn Rand, the Russian immigrant who sought to fuse the intensity of romantic art with the Aristotelian philosophy of reason—would go on to transform American politics.

In Freedom’s Furies, Sandefur explores the three women’s friendship, the ideas they shared and disagreed about, and the influence they had on the next generation of freedom-oriented intellectuals. Join us February 16 at 4p.m. as Sandefur discusses his book at the Goldwater Institute’s headquarters.

To register for the event, please send an email to or call (602) 633-8984.



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