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Dr. Murray Feldstein

Remove the Regulatory Straitjacket to Solve America’s Physician Shortage

Friday, March 15, is a special day in the lives of most seniors graduating medical or osteopathic school this year...

Constitutional Rights
I Treated Thousands of Minority Patients. ‘Implicit Bias’ Training Is Dangerous.

The following op-ed was originally published at The Orange Country Register. For more than two decades, I treated scores of..

Is Racism to Blame for Healthcare Disparities?

I was a surgeon for over 50 years. I challenge anyone to come into an operating room after the patient’s..

Why Should Politicians Be Deciding Who Can Practice Medicine—and Who Can’t?

June 18, 2020By Dr. Murray Feldstein The COVID-19 pandemic is focusing attention on those regulations that render our healthcare system..

Scientific Data Alone Can’t Determine When to Open Our Economy

June 9, 2020By Dr. Murray Feldstein The New Yorker recently published a fine article by Atul Gawande, entitled Amid the..

Cutting Red Tape Helps Hospitals Respond to Coronavirus

May 4, 2020By Dr. Murray Feldstein, M.D. The Goldwater Institute has been a staunch supporter of allowing skilled healthcare professionals..

A Semi-Retired Nurse Practitioner Gets “Back in the Trenches”

April 24, 2020By Dr. Murray Feldstein Alice Smith, like many other healthcare workers, is exhausted these days. She starts in..

How to Increase the Number of Healthcare Workers When We Need Them Most

April 16, 2020By Dr. Murray Feldstein There are about 20,000 medical students graduating from medical school this year. But instead..

Looking into a Brighter Future for our Nation’s Seniors

September 25, 2019By Dr. Murray Feldstein For many of our nation’s aging seniors, eye health can be among the most..

Private Healthcare Option Will Give Vets Faster Access to Treatment

April 10, 2019by Murray Feldstein, M.D. Americans will surely recall the scandalous Veterans Health Administration scandal several years ago: In..

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