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Week in Review: A Bottomless Pit

The figures are staggering. Homelessness rose 92% in Phoenix—despite the city pouring at least $180 million into the spiraling crisis,..

Constitutional Rights
Phoenix & Tucson Poured Hundreds of Millions into Homeless Crisis. Things Only Got Worse

With law and order giving way to death and destruction as homeless encampments overrun the streets, Arizona’s two largest cities..

Anti-Bug Bigotry? University of Arizona’s DEI Boondoggle Tells Students to ‘Live Like a Bug’

Would you spend $140,000 on a college education that teaches you plenty about how to “live like a bug,” but..

Week in Review: Landmark Win in Louisiana

Louisianans have had it rough—at least when it comes to grappling with the government for the freedom to work. But..

Louisiana Lawmakers Advance Right to Try Expansion

Patients with rare diseases in Louisiana are one step closer to accessing innovative, customized medical treatments—the latest state to take..

ESA scholarships educate students, rich or poor, cheaper than public schools can

Who would support a program that “price-gouges” families and spends more than a billion dollars of Arizona taxpayer money every..

Louisiana Governor Signs Landmark Universal Licensing Reform into Law

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry this week signed the Welcome Home Act, landmark legislation to universally recognize out-of-state occupational licenses for new workers..

Week in Review: Remember Our Bravest Heroes

This Memorial Day weekend, with deep gratitude, we thank the men and women who paid the ultimate price to secure..

Constitutional Rights
California Judges Go Out of Their Way to Uphold Unconstitutional Government Actions

A California appellate court this week went out of its way to uphold Gov. Gavin Newsom’s unconstitutional response to the..

New Report Debunks Anti-School Choice ‘Welfare for the Wealthy’ Narrative

Just two years after Arizona passed the nation’s first universal education savings account (ESA) program, state taxpayers are pouring billions..

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