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Government Bureaucrats Won’t Let These Nepalese Immigrants Open a Business

August 15, 2022

If the “American Dream” means anything, it means the freedom to put your skills to work providing for yourself and your family. Whether it’s finding a job with an existing company or starting a new business—be it in carpentry or law, electronics or bookselling—the promise of economic freedom has drawn immigrants to our shores for generations. And it’s given Americans born in poverty the chance to rise on their own merits.

Yet today, this idea—one deeply rooted in our nation’s history and tradition—is being neglected, even denigrated, by those responsible for enforcing our constitutional rights: the judges tasked with protecting liberty against arbitrary government interference.

Consider the case of Dipendra Tiwari and Kishor Sapkota. After moving from Nepal to Kentucky, they decided to open a home healthcare business specializing in care for Nepalese immigrants. After all, Tiwari and Sapkota speak the language and know the culture, so they’re in a good position to help patients who might have a hard time finding nursing or physical therapy services.

Read the rest of the op-ed at Townhall

Timothy Sandefur is Vice President for Legal Affairs at the Goldwater Institute.



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