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Property Rights
Goldwater Gets Innocent Phoenix Man’s Car Back in Another Civil Forfeiture Victory

May 17, 2021By Stephen Silverman Matthew Fabay is a Phoenix resident, an active member of his church and his community...

Arizona in Focus
Governor Ducey Signs Goldwater’s Sweeping Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill

May 5, 2021by Victor Riches Today marks a great day for due process and property rights in Arizona. With Governor..

Goldwater’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Heads to AZ Governor’s Desk

April 28, 2021By Jenna Bentley In Arizona, government can take your car, your cash, even your house and hold it..

Goldwater’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Moves Forward

February 18, 2021By Jenna Bentley Today, the Goldwater Institute’s reform of civil asset forfeiture in Arizona took an important step..

0-Government Preferences
HB 2477: Protecting Citizen’s Rights and Stopping Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

Last week the Arizona House of Representatives took an important step toward protecting the due process rights of all Arizonans...

Property Rights
Civil Asset Forfeiture: Inverting Justice

Imagine a law that allowed the government to take your private property without having to prove that you did anything wrong and then rewarded the government agency that seized your property by allowing it to keep the proceeds of the seizure.

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